ESL Family Night and Field Trip Power point Presentations

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We had a great time on our ESL field trip to Eat n Park restaurant, ordering the buffet, sampling new food and learning how to pay a bill to include a tip. All Secondary ELLs have the opportunity to go on this field trip each year.
 ESL students at Eat n Park 2016

We had over 60 people attend the 2017 ESL Family Night. We had a great program and a lot of delicious food from 7 different countries (China, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Russia, United States and Venezuela)! Click here to view the power point of our evening.

We had over 55 parents, students, administrators and teachers  at our ESL Family Night 2016. Click here to view the power point of our evening. It was a great night of learning and laughter! 
We had over 50 parents, students and administrators at our 2015 ESL Family Night. Click here to view the power point of our evening.

ESL Family Night May 7, 2014 was fun! Over 50 people came to watch the show the ELLs in grades K-11 put on as well as eat all the food from 7 different countries! Click here to view the ESl Family Night power point.

ESL Family Night 2013 was great! We had a variety of activitiesClick here ESL Family Night 2013.ppt to see what we did and all the food we had to eat!

ESL Family Night 2012 was FANTASTIC!!!! We had 57 people attend, watching a video of student performances in grades 2-12, and live performances by students in K-9th grade. We also had a chance to share food from countries all around the world from Germany, to Turkey, to Russia, to China, to Mexico to Colombia to the Dominican Republic and the USA! Click here tosee the powerpoint of the evening.

ESL Family Night 2011 was a great success!  We had 35 people come to see our ELLs present posters about their ESL activities, sing verb chants and sing a westher song.  After the show, we shared food from over 10 different cultures.  Everyone had a good time. Click here to see the powerpoint of the evening. 

ESL Family Night 2010 was a great success!  There was a Senior Project presentation, ELLs in grades K-12 made video tapes of plays they wrote, and chants they performed followed by live music on the recorder and keyboard.  Then everyone had a chance to sample food from all of the different cultures represented in our ESL classrooms. Click here to see the ESL Family Night powerpoint of the evening.

ESL Family Night 2009 was enjoyed by 30 people. We continued our tradition of families bringing their favorite family food from their home country and students providing the entertainment from cultural poster and powerpoint presentations to music and unicycle demonstrations and 2 video plays. esl family night 2009.ppt family night 2009.ppt

At the 2008 ESL Family Night Students in grades K-12 presented a program for 45-50 people on April 21, 2008. esl family night 2008 power point.ppt
ESL Field Trip 2008our esl field trip 2008.ppt
All students in grades 8-12 enjoyed a sunny walk to Eat n Park for their Tuesday Breakfast Buffet before returning to classes.  Along the way we had decisions to make- what to order, how topay and what to tip! With laughter and smiles all around, it was a great field trip!

2007 ESL Family Night esl family night 2007.ppt
Students in grades K-12 in the ESL Program hosted an ESL Family Night May 14, 2007.  Parents brought their family's  favorite food and student entertained family, administrators, substitute teacher and friends with their projects, a song and explanations of what they have done in their ESL classes this year. and everyone loved our show.

ESL Family Night 2006esl family night 2006 powerpoint presentation.pptStudents in grades K-12 in the ESL Program hosted an ESL Family Night May 10. 2006.  Parens brought food from their native countires and student entertained family and friends with a video and song about work they have done this year.  ESL Field Trip 2006esl field trip 2006.ppt
Students in grade 7-12 enjoyed a weekday brunch or menu selection at a local restaurant, then had the task of figuring out how to tip and pay their own bill. 

 Students in grades K-12 in the ESL Program hosted an ESL Family Night May 9, 2005.  Parents brought food from their native countries and students entertained family and friends with posters and discussions of work they have done in class as well as several plays by younger students. Click here to view.

ESL Field Trip
The ESL students in grades 4-11 went to Eat N Park on May 13, 2005 to practice reading menus, ordering food they have selected and paying a bill including the tip.  This annual field trip helps students practice their English in fun ways.