Franklin Regional School District
ESL Resource Center for grades K-12

The ESL Resource Center provides instruction in English as a Second Language and content area concepts for students in grades K-12.  English as a Second Language classes are considered core curriculum, like Math, Science, History and English. Grades K-5 are pull out classes based on the student's English Proficiency needs.  Grades 6-12 are regular scheduled classes based on the student's English Proficiency needs.  Classes are scheduled daily. Students in grades 6-12 receive a grade that is sent home to parents each nine weeks. Students in grades K-12 also receive a Progress Report detailing information about the student's progress in the 4 domains of reading, writing, listening and speaking each nine weeks.

The Center is located in Room 122 at the Franklin Regional Middle School The phone number extension is 2122. 

 We are happy to have you as a part of the Franklin Regional family and wish you the best.  Let us work together to help your children with the language and their school experience in Franklin Regional School District. 

  We are now administering the ESL ACCESS Test for ELLs in grades K-12. Students/teachers have gotten individual schedules for when they will be tested. All students except Kindergartners will be taking the test online and all students  will need to be well rested for their test. We appreciate your support so that your student can do the best he or she is able!